2014. Learning the R: Needs analysis, Learning Taxonomies and Methodology @ UseR!

This research was based on looking at R through both student survey results and through a framework from the field of Instructional Technology, specifically Gagné’s (1985) fundamental taxonomy of learning outcomes. The goal is to analyze challenges faced by educators working to take the R package into traditional college teaching environments with students who are not majoring in statistics. In the Instructional Technology lexicon, it is a Needs Analysis that is intended to function as a precursor to a more formal Needs Assessment. The most specific objective, in this case, is the comparison of current R support materials and the learning capabilities of average college students entering into a class based on using R. Gagné’s five categories of learning outcomes.

2014 Friedman, A. “Learning the R: Needs analysis, Learning Taxonomies and Methodology” UseR! Conference 2014, Los Angeles, CA.