In the field of information science, Lotka’s Law is often used to measure authorship productivity. Here are my publications on Lotka’s law, from a theoretical perspective to R package code.

2017 Friedman, A. & Bernstein, J.Measures of greatness: A Lotkaian approach to literary authors using OCLC WorldCat.” Library and Information Science Research 39(3)

2015 Friedman, A.The Power of Lotka’s Law Through the Eyes of R.” The Romanian Statistical Review. Published by Romanian National Institute of Statistics.

2015 Friedman, A. “Lotka’s Law package.” UseR! Conference 2015, Aalborg, Denmark.

2015 Friedman, A. “Lotka’s law and its statistical measurement.” 3rd International Conference: New Challenges for Statistical Software – The Use of R in Official Statistics. , Bucharest,Romania.

The Lotoka’s R package build together with my student Kenneth Buker is hosted by the Comprehensive R Archive Network