Mark Lombardi (1951–2000) was an American conceptual artist who specialized in line drawing diagrams. The subject of his work was political fraud committed by politicians and international brokers in the new global economy. Through the years, visual researchers have tried to depict Lombardi’s designs using curved arcs to represent edges. Researchers also defined Lombardi’s drawing as a computer mechanism of circular arcs with edges that hold vertices that lie on a circle that has creative placements for both vertices and edges (Friedman, 2017). My work on Mark Lombardi design include:

2024 Friedman, A. and Antonio S´anchez. “Exploring the Landscape of Information Visualization through a Mark Lombardi Lens” ICDAV 2024: 18. International Conference on Data Analysis and Visualization, Paris, France.

2020 Friedman, A. “Mark Lombardi’s model through the examination of President Trump’s tweets.” UseR! 2020.

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Here are my most recent work using Mark Lombardi design principles I created in my work in R.

This work was presented at UseR! 2020

This work was presented ICDAV 2024: 18.