Visualization evaluation has been addressed by a number of researchers and educators. While many techniques and algorithms can be objectively measured, most recognize that there are also significant subjective measurements necessary to completely evaluate the effectiveness of a visualization work. Such forms of subjective measurement are not just important for the instructor’s assessment of students, but the students also need the ability to critically evaluate a visualization. In our studies, we measured a new framework for evaluating student visualizations based upon peer review rubric.

Our work:

2021 Z Beasley, A Friedman, P Rosen. Through the Looking Glass: Insights into Visualization Pedagogy through Sentiment Analysis of Peer Review Text. Under Review


2020 Z Beasley, A Friedman, L Pieg, P Rosen. "Leveraging Peer Feedback to Improve Visualization Education." IEEE Pacific Visualization conference.

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Live demonstration of Visual Peer Review: